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Hi guys,

I wanted to talk about a new generation of disapproving parents, or at least my parents, back in the day if you told your parents you wanted to be an artist they would most likely disapprove and try to convince you to do something different, my dad actually got this reaction from my grandparents and eventually went into tech and dropped art.. (But my dad made a big change almost 10 years ago and got back into the creative world and became a writer/photographer)
So in general i would say my parents were pretty supportive of me doing art but since i've made the change to concept art it has turned around.. My dad doesn't think i'm making any "real art" and doesn't even know what concept art is, who it's for and what it is about. My dad basically wants me to make meaningful art that moves you emotionally. The thing is that it's not what i want to do, i want to make concept art, i want to create cool characters and be technical about it and paint pretty girls. But my dad doesn't quite respect my choice and thinks i'm not living up to my potential, we had a little argument about it where i tried to explain what concept art is and my dad just kept yelling: "but it's NOT art! You can do better!" and it seriously felt like a slap to the face. I'm heartbroken that my parents don't understand what i do and most of all that they don't WANT to understand.. I told my dad to maybe do some research on what 'concept art' is but this idea was completely rejected with the line: "i don't have time for that". I guess it shows that my dad is no longer supportive of what i make and my mother honestly doesn't care and never did.

Where it used to be that being an artist was looked down upon because you'd be a no good hippie it is now the other way around.. If you're not making 'meaningful art' you're not considered 'a real artist', and making money shouldn't be a driving force for making art apparently. Although money is not my main driving force it is important to me that i can make a living off of my art, personal 'meaningful art' is something i'd rather do in my spare time, my parents don't understand this at all.

Sometimes i wonder if i'm too cynical. Is my art not really art just because it's not emotionally loaded? And why is that the norm? My definition of art no longer seems to match up with that of older family members.
Have you experienced anything like this or do you recognize the disapproval of people around you?


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Lately I'm mostly painting digitally, my favorite subject is obviously women.
I am still trying to find a personal style but i feel like i'm getting somewhere now.

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